Catalyst for Life-Giving Leadership & Teamwork


Raymond G. East B.A., M.A., J.D.

- Catalyst for Life-Giving Leadership & Teamwork -

- Founder and CEO of Horizon East Inc -

- Keynote Speaker // Author -

- Executive Coach - 

Ray East and his team help organizations keep their best people amidst the Life-Giving Movement that is now emerging worldwide.

Ray empowers leaders and teams to find deeper purpose and human connection in their work… driving genuine improvements in workforce engagement, attraction and retention.  

He brings over 20 years of experience as a keynote speaker, executive coach, consultant and trainer.

Ray's style is warm, insightful, and practical. He specializes in drawing out the brilliance of everyone in the room.

Fortune-500 executives have reported the generation of solutions and revenues worth millions of dollars per year that can be traced back to programs led by Ray. 

Mr. East is an official C-Suite Network Advisor & Thought Leader. He’s also the author of the book: “Discovering Why People Follow a Leader [The Life Of Manny].”

He holds a J.D. from Columbia University, an M.A. from Johns Hopkins University, and an A.B. from Vassar College. He received his co-active life coaching training from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

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“Ray has a way of helping you put the steps in place to get to the next level. It’s mind-blowing.”


—Lethia Owens // CEO // Game Changers International