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 Resources to Help You Rethink Your Career, Wealth and Organizational Leadership During the Fast-Moving Rise of AI


Smart professionals want to know how to futureproof their careers and protect their wealth during the rise of AI.

Smart organizations want to know how to keep their mission-critical top talent during the rise of AI-driven upheaval in the labor market.

Ray East can help.

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"The reality of A.I. is settling in. It will require us to think about our careers and wealth in a majorly different way."


— Ray East

Trusted for Over 20 Years

Our Clients:

“I have more job security now in my new leadership role than I have ever had in my career... the commitments of time and money [with Ray] were well worth it.  In fact the financial investment is one of the best investments I have ever made, hands down.”


—Jennifer D.

Executive Director of a Philanthropic Foundation in New York City


Protect Your Career and Wealth During the Fast-Moving Rise of AI

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Keynote for Associations

(How Your Members Can Futureproof Their Careers and Protect Their Wealth During the Rise of AI)

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Keynote for Corporations and Other Organzations

(How to Keep Your Mission-Critical Top Talent During the Rise of AI-Driven Upheaval in the Labor Market)

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“Ray has a way of helping you become clear... it’s mind-blowing if you’re looking for someone to help you gain clarity and begin to identify the pieces of the puzzle that are necessary to make a shift.”

Lethia Owens // Fortune 500 Branding & Marketing Strategist and CEO  // Game Changers International CEO

— Ray East —

Catalyst for Life-Giving Leadership & Teamwork


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Life and Profits Can Flourish at Work

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“Outstanding... Ray’s strategies instantly resulted in $200,000 a year of new business for our company.”

Chris Busch // CEO // LightQuest Media

“At a time when we need to break the shackles of the “old” way... Ray is offering a fresh and provocative perspective.”

Robin Speculand // Digital Strategy & Implementation Specialist