There's a Tension Between Your Team’s Predictability-Driven Mindset and the Unpredictability of the World Around You


Discover How to Increase the Brilliance Available From Your People So You Can Predictably Create  Solutions in Unpredictable Times

Leverage the Mental Models of an Innovator · Increase the Brilliance Available From Your Team · Predictably Create Solutions for Unpredictable Times

“Businesses don’t run out of money… they run out of ideas.”

—Suzanne Evans 

Your playing field just changed forever. In this new season of pandemic, almost every industry has been disrupted.

Organizations are pulling together business recovery plans. But they are running into problems as they try to adapt to the new normal. They are suffering from a tension between the predictability-driven mindset of their people and the unpredictability of the world around them. And this tension is reaching a breaking point

  • How brilliantly can your people regenerate flows of revenue and identify new opportunities for saving costs?
  • Can your people generate unpredictable solutions for the unpredictable consumer behavior and supply chains now emerging in the post-pandemic economy?
  • Can you transform your internal models of business to leverage new consumer preferences and supply chains quickly before your competitors innovate a first-mover advantage?

Some Good News:

Generating extraordinary solutions in extraordinary times can actually become predictable and repeatable.

Discover the step-by-step process that smart leaders are using to increase the brilliance available from their people during times of protracted adversity.

Real Results… Time and Time Again

Ray East Has Been Trusted by Leaders at These Top Organizations to Help Them Create Predictable Solutions in Unpredictable Times ©

"The innovation results we got were truly next-level, measurable in dollars. Bringing Ray in was one of best decisions I’ve made this year."

John Henderson
CEO // Inflections Consulting

"Ray’s strategies instantly resulted in
$200,000 a year of new business for our company."

Chris Alan Busch
CEO // LightQuest Media and DigiQuest

"Our business has grown immeasurably as a direct result of our time with you. Thank you for doing what you do - I am a better person because of it."

D.W. // Director of U.S. Sales
A Fortune 1000 Company

Increase the Odds That Your Organization Can Respond Brilliantly in Unpredictable Times


There is a powerful question that smart leaders ask to know whether their organizations have a competitive edge in this upside-down season of disruption:


Being proactive, responding brilliantly, asking better questions and being creative in problem solving--these are all utterly learnable skills.

AVAILABLE BRILLIANCE™ is a highly-interactive 90-Day online leadership development experience and journey. It was created by Innovation Strategist and Executive Coach Ray East.

It is delivered using group livestream sessions, individual phone coaching and online training videos

The AB journey is for leaders who want to empower themselves and their people to predictably create solutions in unpredictable times.

It's for visionary leaders who are smart enough to leverage their teams' business recovery efforts as the perfect way to increase the strategic resourcefulness of their people.

There is actually a way to lead your business recovery efforts that increases your company’s chances of emerging on the other side of forced disruption powerfully—even with a first-mover advantage in your new playing field.

AVAILABLE BRILLIANCE™ supports visionary mentors by helping them empower their people to move from a predictability-driven mindset to a resourceful-innovative mindset. 

AB can help you leverage your team's sense of wonder, transporting people from feeling stuck and discouraged because of adversity to feeling proactive, resourceful and tenacious in the midst of adversity.

Focusing on MINDSET is how you can recover your pre-pandemic ordinary business while positioning for extraordinary post-pandemic opportunities.

Within Adversity There Is Always Opportunity.

"Ray has a way of helping you become clear—it’s mind-blowing."

—Lethia Owens // CEO // Game Changers International

About Ray East

Innovation Strategist // Executive Coach // Keynote Speaker 

For over 20 years, Ray East and his team have built leaders who can confidently empower their people for business resiliency and innovation.

Ray has led Fortune 500 teams and entrepreneurs to pioneer innovations that are generating value measured in multiple-millions of dollars per year. And even more marvelously, all his next-level results were powered by leveraging the hidden wisdom of wonder throughout organizational systems.

Ray is an official C-Suite Network Advisor/Thought Leader. He’s also the author of the internationally-beloved book: “Discovering Why People Follow a Leader [The Life Of Manny].”

In the past, Ray has served as a business process innovator at MetLife and a corporate attorney at White & Case LLP.

Ray holds a J.D. from the Columbia University School of Law, an M.A. from The Johns Hopkins University, and a B.A. from Vassar College. He received training in co-active life coaching from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

[ Available Brilliance ]™


"Don't fight forces... use them."

—Buckminster Fuller


Who Is Brilliant Response for?

The Available Brilliance journey has been crafted by seasoned Innovation Strategist and Executive Coach Ray East for executives and managers at every level of their organization... but not just any leader. The program is specifically for visionary leaders, meaning:

  • Leaders whose objective is to immediately build a high-quality pipeline of fresh ideas to keep revenue coming in, keep costs down, save money and, perhaps, even gain market share in the new economy, and…
  • Leaders who are ready to practice implementing a resourcefulness-oriented leadership model that empowers the ability to adapt to the unpredictable, and…
  • Leaders who enjoy the challenge of personal development because they understand that the key to adapting to disruption lies squarely in their own mindset and the mindset of their people.


What Is Unique About AB?

Available Brilliance™ is a 90-day ONLINE, mentored, developmental pathway. What makes the experience stand alone in the marketplace is that it skillfully supports leaders who want to empower themselves and their people to predictably create solutions in unpredictable times. And the program accomplishes this by focusing on MINDSET instead of particular business strategies.

If you lead team members who are generating business recovery solutions, and you’d also like to position them to be powerful in the post-pandemic new economy, the AB experience can skillfully support you and your team to:

(1) Leverage the Mental Models of an Innovator; and

(2) Rapidly Increase the Brilliance Available From Your Team; and

(3) Predictably Create Solutions for Unpredictable Times


Along the 90-day AB journey of discovery, you will:

  • Understand how to recognize if your people are in predictable-reactive-survival mode or unpredictable-resourceful-recovery mode
  • Learn how you and your people can shift from feeling overwhelmed and stuck to feeling tenacious and creative enough to generate an adaptive recovery plan with real promise for an unpredictable new landscape
  • Discover how to use a simple system to empower your team’s adaptive and unconventional mindset
  • Learn how you and your team can challenge long-held assumptions so you can generate unexpectedly brilliant solutions for complex problems
  • Discover how to deliberately take a different perspective while adapting processes and outcomes for business savings, cash flow and recovery 
  • Understand how to bring out the brilliance of your people by being graciously provocative with powerful questions
  • Find out why you must deliberately, temporarily welcome what doesn’t work from your team members and best practices for doing it
  • Learn how to inspire your team to embrace a culture of boldness, candor and tenacity

"[Ray East] actually breaks innovation down into a systematic approach that anyone can put to use in their organization. His material gave me so many ideas that I can use to exponentially grow the business.”"

Her Excellency Dr. Aprille Trupiano
CEO // A.T. International

The BR Schedule


— Introduction —

The Mindset for a Powerful Business Recovery

Intro Session:  Welcome & How to Get Started 

Session 1:  How to Predictably Create Solutions in Unpredictable Times


— Module 1 —

Getting Up to Speed Quickly

Session 2:  How to Avoid Delusion and the Surprising Vortex of Irrelevance 

Session 3:  Shift from Validating Apathy to Validating Wonder and Appreciative Inquiry

Session 4:  Shift from Locked Expectations to Human-Focused Curiosity in the Face of Challenges 


— Module 2 —

Developing Mastery in Essential Skills 

Session 5:  Shift from Stuck to Analyzing Problems from Different Perspectives

Session 6:  Shift from Just Being Operational to Creating a Curiosity Vacuum

Session 7:  Shift from Gradual Improvements to Exponential Ideas 

Session 8:  Shift from Inauthentic Compliance to Authentic Discovery


— Module 3 —

Accelerating the Momentum and Power  

Session 9:  Discover Best Practices from 1st Blueprint Iterations

Session 10:  Shift from Enforcing Perfection to Welcoming What Doesn’t Work 

Session 12:  Shift from Perpetuating Niceness to Inviting Boldness, Candor and Tenacity


— Conclusion —

Enjoying the Rewards // Planning Next Steps

Session 13:  Conclusion — Share Achievements, Celebrate Results and Plan Your Next Steps


Note: Session topics and the order in which they are presented are subject to change by the program leadership depending on the unique business needs of the members in the program.

"Ray is offering a fresh and provocative perspective… to systematize wonder, the necessary starting point for predictable success in innovation."

Robin Speculand
Digital Strategy Implementation Specialist and Bestselling Author

What's My Investment?

Leverage the Mental Models of an Innovator · Intensify the Responsive Brilliance of Your Team · Predictably Create Solutions for Unpredictable Times



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4 Hours of Private Laser Coaching with Innovation Strategist Ray East over Zoom. Ray will help you solve your biggest challenges and think more creatively than you ever could alone.





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9 Private Coaching Sessions with Innovation Strategist Ray East [over Zoom or phone]


The BR Core Content Livestreams & Training Videos


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The BR Core Content Livestreams & Training Videos


BR Community Support


Why Do It Now?

Question: Why take action TODAY for your people to predictably create solutions in unpredictable times? 

Answer 1: If you don't start now, it is possible to waste the learning opportunity this current adversity presents.  Not everyone learns to be resourceful just because they are challenged by adversity. Smart leaders are empowering their people NOW so their organizations can survive and thrive in the post-pandemic new economy.

Answer 2: Your competitors aren't stupid. They're starting to see resourcefulness as a must-have competitive advantage in the unpredictable era upon us.