Keep and Engage Your Best People by Empowering a Deeper Sense of Purpose at Work



A 90-Day Shared Meaning Experience to Unlock the Possibility of Exponential Improvements in Group Motivation, Engagement and Retention.

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With Ray East // Catalyst for Meaningful Leadership & Teamwork

Workers around the world have been overwhelmed by the unparalleled change and complexity ushered in by the pandemic. Today, many are feeling isolated and disengaged. Collaboration is falling short. And a global tsunami of resignations has made it clear that workers are longing for collective buy-in to a bigger purpose.

Years into the pandemic, we are only now beginning to understand how Covid-19 has reshaped the drivers of retention and engagement. The global crisis strained and tested the traditional worker-employer paradigm far more than most people realize. Also, for the first time in history, Millennials and younger generations have become the largest employee cohorts in business, forcefully bringing a radically different approach to work into the mix.

This combination of factors has triggered a massive disruption in the traditional worker-employer relationship.

Exactly how are smart organizations adapting to this disruption in relationships? By innovating the relationships. Thousands of leaders are tapping into the collective wisdom of their team members to increase their connectedness, productivity, retention and engagement.

But ultimately, this innovation must call forth and integrate new approaches that are only now beginning to be clarified from Millennial in and younger cohorts.

Understanding how to execute this sensitive form of innovation is a tall order for any leader.

This is why Ray East (Catalyst for Shared Meaning Leadership & Teamwork) has developed a mentored experience… to make things simpler.

In The Purposeful Workplace Experience,™ leaders and teams collaborate and together unlock collective wisdom for new possibilities. They develop communication tools, uncover team member voices and values, identify collaborative leadership opportunities, and create accountability for the best practices they choose to establish.

The Purposeful Workplace™ provides the safe and courageous support for visionary leaders and teams to uncover the possibilities of exponential improvements and generate buy-in for a shared vision for their customized “future of work,” based on their own collective wisdom.

The Purposeful Workplace™ experience includes elements such as:

  • Generating collective buy-in for a truly-shared purpose and vision, informed by every voice on the team
  • Unlocking collective wisdom and micro-steps that inspire virtual, hybrid and traditional team members to connect with each other and engage with their work
  • Identifying strategic opportunities for the leader to support worker voices, values and purpose (a major factor driving retention and engagement in the Turnover Tsunami era)
  • Having key conversations and creating agreements that impact team trust
  • Developing relational connectedness as well as transformational and collaborative leadership
  • Understanding the unique challenges of Boomer, Millennial, Gen X, Y and Z team members
  • Understanding how an ongoing process of relational innovation can help the team uncover the emerging trends and team possibilities that matter most

"I have more job security now in my leadership role than I have ever had in my career. In short, [Ray's mentored] journey was a pleasure and the commitments of time and money were well worth it. In fact the financial investment is one of the best investments I have ever made, hands down."

Jennifer W.
Vice President // Citibank

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