How a Global Workplace Revolution Just Disrupted the Way for Leaders to Retain Their Best People

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For the first time in history, Millennials have become the biggest generational cohort in the workforce. Gen Y and Gen Z workers are also strengthening as a percentage of the total workforce. Simultaneously, the Covid-19 pandemic has strained and tested the limits of the employer-employee relationship… driving what we currently know as The Great Resignation.

This unprecedented combination of factors just disrupted the future of work.

A global workplace revolution is disrupting the way for leaders to engage and retain their best people in the modern economy.

Years into the Covid-19 pandemic, researchers are only now beginning to realize that the psychological center of gravity has shifted. The way for leaders to empower retention and engagement has been disrupted. In the months ahead, organizations will tap into unprecedented frameworks for leadership, teamwork and collaboration—all because of a new-generation mandate for a deeper sense of purpose, wonder, authenticity, connection and collaboration.

Welcome to what leadership strategist Ray East calls the "Shared Meaning Economy.”

Ray’s presentation is a forward-looking keynote that positions organizational leaders and teams to successfully navigate the Age of Shared Meaning. The research-based program gives leaders and teams a chance to explore the non-obvious rules, insights and opportunities that will characterize our new work future:

  • Why the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Turnover Tsunami have accelerated the arrival of the Shared Meaning Economy and the future of work
  • How the biggest demographic cohorts in organizations today have redefined the psychological center of gravity—disrupting the way for leaders to unlock loyalty, power and engagement from teams in the modern economy
  • How most organizations will suffer in the race to attract and retain talent as they cling to a failing workplace value proposition instead of generating a new one [ Meaningful · As One ]
  • Why innovating methods to support worker voices, values, purpose and connection will become a basic skillset for successful leaders in the age of shared meaning
  • How world-class leaders are becoming catalysts for the new work future, helping their organizations to become employers of choice for years to come

Presenter:  Ray East — Catalyst for Meaningful Leaders & Teams

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About Ray East

Catalyst for Meaningful Leaders & Teams // C-Suite Advisor // Keynote Speaker // Executive Coach //  Author 

For over 20 years, Ray East has built leaders who are purposeful, innovative and life-giving. These leaders have generated exponential improvements and opportunities worth millions of dollars per year to their organizations.

Ray is an official C-Suite Network Advisor & Thought Leader. He’s also the author of the internationally-beloved book: “Discovering Why People Follow a Leader [The Life Of Manny].”

Prior to his current role, Ray served as a business process innovator at MetLife and a corporate attorney at White & Case LLP.

Ray holds a J.D. from the Columbia University School of Law, an M.A. from The Johns Hopkins University, and a B.A. from Vassar College. He received training in co-active life coaching from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

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