Understanding How a Global Workplace Revolution Just Disrupted the Way to Attract, Retain and Engage Your Best People

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For the first time in history, Millennials have become the biggest generational cohort in the workforce. Gen Y and Gen Z workers are also growing as a percentage of the total workforce. Simultaneously, the Covid-19 pandemic has strained and tested the limits of the employer-employee relationship… driving what we currently know as The Great Resignation.

This unprecedented combination of factors just disrupted the future of work.

A global workplace revolution has disrupted how leaders attract, retain and engage their best people.

Researchers are only now beginning to understand that there has been a powerful shift in the workforce's psychological center of gravity. In the months ahead, organizations will tap into unprecedented frameworks for leadership, teamwork and collaboration—all because of a new-generation mandate for a deeper sense of purpose, wonder, authenticity, connection and collaboration.

Welcome to what leadership strategist Ray East calls the "Shared Meaning Economy.”

Ray’s presentation is a forward-looking keynote that positions organizational leaders and teams to successfully navigate the Age of Shared Meaning. The research-based program gives leaders and teams a chance to explore the non-obvious rules, insights and opportunities that will characterize the future of leadership and teamwork:

  • Why the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Turnover Tsunami have accelerated the arrival of the Shared Meaning Economy and the future of work
  • How the biggest demographic cohorts in organizations today are redefining the psychological center of gravity—disrupting the way that leaders unlock loyalty, power and engagement from teams in the modern economy
  • How most organizations will suffer in their race to attract and retain talent because they cling to a failing workplace value proposition instead of generating a new one [ Meaningful · As One ]
  • Why innovating methods to amplify worker voices, values, purpose and connection will become a basic skillset for successful leaders in the age of shared meaning
  • How world-class leaders are becoming catalysts for emerging shared meaning economy, helping their organizations to be the employers of choice for years to come

Presenter:  Ray East — Catalyst for Meaningful Leadership & Teamwork

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"As a speaker, [Ray East] actually breaks innovation down into a systematic approach that anyone can put to use in their organization. His material gave me so many ideas that I can use to exponentially grow the business."

Her Excellency Dr. Aprille Trupiano
CEO // A.T. International

"Ray has a way of helping you become clear—it’s mind-blowing."

—Lethia Owens // CEO // Game Changers International

About Ray East

Catalyst for Meaningful Leadership & Teamwork // C-Suite Advisor // Keynote Speaker // Executive Coach //  Author 

For over 20 years, Ray East has built leaders who are purposeful, innovative and life-giving. These leaders have generated exponential improvements and opportunities worth millions of dollars per year to their organizations.

Ray is an official C-Suite Network Advisor & Thought Leader. He’s also the author of the internationally-beloved book: “Discovering Why People Follow a Leader [The Life Of Manny].”

Prior to his current role, Ray served as a business process innovator at MetLife and a corporate attorney at White & Case LLP.

Ray holds a J.D. from the Columbia University School of Law, an M.A. from The Johns Hopkins University, and a B.A. from Vassar College. He received training in co-active life coaching from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

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